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  • All artwork is done digitally
  • I may take between one week and one month
  • Full color versions are delivered in A3 size files and 300 dpi, all others are A4 and 300 dpi
  • Payments through PayPal, 50% up front
  • This is NOT concept art commissions!

See below the images for complete information



  • All payments are to be made online through Paypal only
  • You pay me ½ up front and ½ later 
  • Payments are to be made within 48 hours after I sent an invoice 

About the artwork

  • All artwork is drawn/painted digitally in Photoshop.
  • I will automatically send you sketches in the beginning stage, before moving on to finalizing the piece. At this point changes can be made if desired. I will wait for your approval.
  • You can request work in progress screenshots, but keep in mind that it may slow down the whole process.
  • You will receive a high resolution file in 300dpi as .JPG after completion via E-Mail. Other formats than .JPG can be requested.


  • Completion of a commissioned piece takes between one week and one month, depending on the complexity of the artwork. This can also vary due to communication between artist and client, and my personal and professional schedule. Good communication helps!
  • If a deadline is required, the deadline must be made clear right from the beginning so it can be discussed ahead of time.

Mind this

  • I will upload the artwork to my online gallery and share sketches or work inprogress on my social media accounts. 
  • Notify me if you do not want your name to be mentioned along with it.
  • If I don’t get any reply on my messages within 7 days, your commission slot will be terminated. If you have good reasons for doing so, please let me know beforehand. 

What I will NOT draw

  • Commissions with no visual references at all
  • Copying existing art
  • Anything political themed
  • Racism/sexism/etc
  • Heavily pornographic or violent/bloody NSWF (contact me for specifics)
  • Other offensive materials 

What I will draw

  • Any person from real life (you, your family member, a celebrity)
  • Original characters (everything counts)
  • Existing characters with limitations (contact me please)
  • Your D&D or other RPG characters
  • Sci-Fi and fantasy themes
  • Tasteful NSFW (contact me for specifics)
  • Landscapes
  • Vehicles and weapons


If the work on the art hasn’t started already, full refund can be in order (consider PayPal fees though). If sketches are already made, you will not get the first half of your payment refunded.